Spiritual Insecurity

“Spiritual Insecurity”

by Kelvin Chin
Life After Life Expert

This is an affliction that is worldwide and goes beyond borders and cultures.

It is reflected both in our language and in our behavior. 

How many times have you heard people say the phrase, “It was meant to be...,” or “It was our Destiny...”?

Alternatively, look at our behavior — at how disciplined people are about attending spiritual services at their respective institutions. How many stories have we all heard about people who have “never missed a daily or weekly service,” or “never missed a meditation in their lives”?

There seems to be an underlying fear, and insecurity — that if we cannot predict everything, then we must at least make up something (that we cannot explain) and throw it all under the concept of “Destiny.” Otherwise, we feel like we are “out of control.” And that makes us feel very uncomfortable at our core.

Or, we need to attend every spiritual service or group meditation without fail, so then we feel that we have done everything possible to align ourselves with the unseen powers — whom we believe are smarter or more powerful than we are and whom we believe are somehow in control of our lives. 

This spiritual insecurity is also reflected in our thinking.

We think of ourselves as small, weak, and unenlightened beings in the universe. And we think somewhere “on the other side of the veil” there are Omniscient beings or at least beings who are smarter than we are, and that we need to listen to them — unquestioningly — if they give us guidance. 

After all, they are many times smarter than we are, aren’t they?

First of all, I don’t think that’s necessarily true. 

Making generalizations about the intelligence or wisdom of a mind merely based on whether it has a body attached to it (or not) is fallacious. Bottom line: some minds are wise and some are not. Therefore, some you listen to and some you don’t. 

I think some minds who are on the other side of the veil, may sometimes be smarter and wiser than we are. But, merely because they are on the other side of the veil does not make them smarter. It just makes them not have to eat to feed a body! There is less difference between this side and the other side in that respect — a mind is a mind regardless of which side it’s on, regardless of whether it has a body attached to it or not.

Some people who have had NDE’s (Near-Death Experiences) point to the experience of having a more expanded mind, a mind that seems like it could “travel anywhere.” They point to that as a difference between this side and the other side. In fact, that may be a source for this conflated belief that minds on the other side are inherently smarter and wiser.

And that sense of ‘expanded mind’ on the other side may very well be a significant difference between this side and the other side — especially for many people who have not had sufficient experience of “turning within” while they are still in physical form on this side.

However, by allowing one’s mind to regularly experience the 'turning within' process, and by experiencing the natural and almost fluid expansion of the mind as it experiences itself in many different ways during that process (as I have described in my blog essay on the "Houston Astrodome"), each person can develop a familiarity with that more expanded mental experience — much like what people describe when they have Near-Death Experiences. 

By developing that level of familiarity with ones own mind, one becomes more grounded within oneself. And that creates a natural state of self-knowledge and experience on which one’s beliefs about reality can be more firmly built.

This would be a way to develop a stronger sense of spiritual security — from within oneself — starting by first simply turning within  and developing a greater knowledge of oneself in the ancient Greek sense, that I sometimes speak of in my lectures and blogs.

And from a practical standpoint, it’s this type of spiritual security that we each can develop within ourselves on a daily basis now — enjoying it on a moment to moment basis — while living our lives. And then not only will this sense of spiritual security help us now in enjoying our lives while we are in our bodies, but also since it’s within us — within our minds in which this security exists — we will carry it with us while we make the transition to the other side of the veil and while we experience life over there as well.


Kelvin H. Chin is a Meditation Teacher, Life After Life Expert, and Author of “Overcoming the Fear of Death.” He learned to meditate at age 19, and has been teaching Turning Within Meditation and coaching others in their self-growth for 40 years. He helps people understand their life challenges through their individual belief systems, and helps them find their own solutions. His past life memories reach back many centuries, and he accesses those memories in his teaching and his coaching in the same way all coaches draw on their own available experiences for perspective and effective analogies. He can be reached at www.TurningWithin.org.

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