“My hope is that the ideas I discuss might help you in practical ways
that improve the enjoyment of your life!

These ideas are all non-religious.
While I may talk of Jesus and other spiritual teachers,
I am speaking from memory about these personalities,
not from a position to change anyone’s beliefs.”  
~ Kelvin Chin


In addition to teaching Meditation that expands our mind and balances our body experientially, I speak about topics to help increase our understanding of life. By expanding our knowledge of ourselves (“Know Thyself”) both through direct experience and understanding, we can lead happier, more productive, and enjoyable lives within ourselves and with our loved ones.

I hope the ideas I discuss will give you ‘food for thought,’ and help nurture your own thinking on the various topics and issues discussed. My sincere desire is that we each will formulate and come to our own conclusions — not by following what others tell us — but by exploring our own experiences and interpretations, and figuring out what works for each of us — as individual free-thinking minds.

NOTE on Beliefs:  I speak about many topics from a spiritual perspective, to share ideas and insights that may help us to understand issues more clearly. I am not coming from any particular religious viewpoint or a belief-centered place. So, you should feel comfortable continuing to believe or worship (or not) in whatever way suits you.   ~ Kelvin Chin


Robert Wagener, M.A., M.Div.

“I just watched Kelvin’s interview on the Jenerosity Show (Feb. 2019) and was reminded again about understanding where generosity comes from as it flows out of our life and touches others. I have known Kelvin for many years, when we facilitated the learning experience together on topics of dispute resolution decades ago. As you watch this interview, take note of his “emotional flooding” when he talks about a “dream” that set him on this journey, and you’ll see just how in touch he is with his own inner-self. As a chaplain and counselor, I have worked with many individuals who are so “blocked” that when an experience like this happens the first words out of their mouth are ... “Oh, it’s nothing.” Over the last 10 years I have been focused on working in the field of Equine Assisted Learning. When you are in the presence of a horse you realize that the only way that they have to communicate their feelings is through their body language and behavior. It is not driven by manipulation, but by a genuine desire to communicate from one sentient being to another. Kelvin, you modeled beautifully how to let those vital feelings move through your being. It is through your silence and patience that you communicate to those of us watching what a fully-human-being does when she or he comes into the place of mystery and the sacred space we call the “holy.” Generosity is our response to the vitality which we all possess. In those moments it is the Christ in me that recognizes the Christ in you.

“Thank you for being open about these experiences and you remind us all that seminal moments like the ones you describe are helping us to move forward into becoming more loving human beings connected to every other living thing on this speck of dust we call home.”

Rev. Robert J. Wagener, M.A., M.Div
Chaplain and Counselor