What clients say about working with Kelvin Chin... 

“How Kelvin Chin Helped Me Overcome My Fear of Death”
- Jeremy Taylor



Meditation is the cure for a fearful and overly busy mind. I met Kelvin three years ago after my mom passed away. I had always been terrified by the thought of death and the idea of not existing. The fear often consumed me and I did all I could to simply not think I If it. I searched the internet regularly for advice and help conquering this fear. That is when I found Kel and decided to give his form of meditation a try. Meditation teaches you how to live in the moment and to stop worrying about the future naturally. We can not control our thoughts...no one can. Meditation slows our busy minds down and allows us to truly be present in the moment, which unfortunately doesn’t happen naturally for most people. For me this practice absolutely took the fear of death and a lot of other future related fears I didn’t even acknowledge away without any focus or additional effort from me.

I realized one day not too long ago that my fear was completely gone. It didn’t happen instantly but it happened and I’m not even sure when exactly. I am more calm and happier than ever and I just don’t care about what I cannot understand anymore. I was such a slave to that fear that I can’t even believe I’m writing this now. Learning to live in the moment is the true secret to lasting happiness in my opinion. Kel is an awesome human being and a true gift to others. I couldn’t recommend him and his practice more. Thank you, Kel.

— Jeremy Taylor, Canyon Lake, California



My wife Judy died a little over three months ago and
I have just completed my work with Kelvin.
He is knowledgable, caring and non-judgmental,
just the right person to share your grief concerns with.
We worked through the Grief Recovery Method” and
it lightened my grief burden substantially.
I am really glad I had the opportunity to work with him
and would recommend him highly.

— Bob Frumkin, Torrance, California



I, very recently, learned to meditate with Kelvin. I have to say that it has honestly, positively, changed my life. 

I have always been afraid of dying, but after losing my son six yrs. ago... in a horrible accident, my fears increased. I reached out to Kel for help. I am so happy I did. Not only did my anxiety about death decrease dramatically, but all of my other anxieties have decreased as well.  It was interfering with my desire to get out there and live! I was bound by my thoughts. It was awful. Not anymore. I am me again! I feel as if I have been “set free” from that weight on my shoulders, and those thoughts in my head. 

Also, my grief over my son has gotten...for lack of a better word...lighter. I’ll always miss my child, and the pain will always be there, but I know it won’t be as difficult anymore. Just knowing that I can handle it now, is an amazing feeling. Meditation helps me get my grief OUT. I could never just let go, and cry very much. I have done that now, and I feel so much better. I have learned, through meditation, how to “let go” of the negative things, and concentrate on the good. After six years of absolute torment (in my mind), I no longer feel like I have to live that way. I know I don’t!!  Now, THAT...for me, is nothing short of a miracle. 

Kelvin is one of the most genuine, and kindest souls I have ever known. He really cares about all of us. He wants to help us all LIVE life to the fullest. We waste so much of our time on negativity. Kel teaches us how to get rid of that junk. To be happy, to live in the “here and now.”  We don’t have to stay in the place that causes us to feel down all the time, we can be happy in this life. If I can use this wonderful tool, and reap the benefits, anyone can. I was the biggest skeptic ever!

If you haven’t reached out to Kelvin, and you are having problems in life...if you’re hurting, have anxieties, or just want to feel better, try it!!  I know that you won’t be disappointed. I’m now hooked on Kel’s amazing meditation technique, and I’m loving it!! 

Thank you Kel. So very much. 

— Phyllis Pendergrass, Hammond, Louisiana