Ways of Working with Kelvin Chin

  • Private Coaching Sessions
  • 6-session “Live” Videoconference Series with Kelvin (TO BOOK A SEAT)
    • “What happens when we die?”
    • “Can we get glimpses of the other side? NDEs and OBEs”
    • “Is Reincarnation in your future? ...or in your past?”
    • “Why do people think there’s a Hell?”
    • “Can our friends communicate from the other side?”
    • “What part of us continues after our body dies (mind, soul, something else)?”
  • Seminars & Workshops
    • “Unbundling Enlightenment”
    • “What is the Meaning of Life?”
    • “Recovering Past Life Memories”
    • “Where Does Happiness Come From?”
    • “Eternity”
    • “Ego & God”
    • and many others...
  • Weekend Retreats
    • In-residence held at cities near you
    • Rest & Relaxation
    • Spiritual growth discussions
    • All meditation and spiritual practitioners welcomed
    • Meditation instruction available from Kelvin

Private Coaching Sessions

Contact us for a session.

Seminars & Workshops

Contact us for the schedule.

Weekend Residence Courses

Kelvin has led more than 25 Weekend Residence Courses or Retreats to groups of 25 to 250 people throughout the U.S. and Asia.

After Maharishi Mahesh Yogi certified him as a TM (Transcendental Meditation) teacher, Kelvin taught many advanced TM Residence Courses, including helping lead the first one-month Residence Course to 600 meditation teacher trainees in 1973 at the University of Maine, Orono. He taught with Maharishi's organization for 10 years. While he still teaches an effortless meditation process, Kelvin no longer teaches TM meditation, but credits Maharishi for revolutionizing the practice of meditation worldwide by bringing attention to the fact that any meditation technique can and should be effortless. For more details on Kelvin's TM Meditation history, CLICK HERE.

All are Welcomed!

Kelvin welcomes all spiritual seekers to attend his Weekend Residence Courses — whichever meditation technique or other spiritual practice you may engage in — it doesn't matter. These are meant to be inclusive retreats and discussions. As many of you already know, Kelvin embraces all beliefs and approaches that people choose. He shares ideas and perspectives with his clients encouraging them to look through the lens of their own beliefs using those different ideas to see if they may help them in living life more enjoyably. 

Course Locations:

  • Throughout the U.S.
  • Near major cities to make it easy to access and find comfortable yet affordable accommodations

Course Structure:

  • Course registration & arrival on Friday afternoon, first meeting after dinner on Friday, all day Saturday, ends after lunch on Sunday
  • Plenty of time to rest, relax and decompress — time will be allotted to meditate (do yoga, etc.) in your rooms throughout the day
  • Spiritual growth discussions — Kelvin will lead interactive discussions on various topics that help promote your life journey
  • Time to network, meet new or reconnect with old friends, sit and share your own ideas with each other
  • Optional: Kelvin will be available to teach his "Turning Within" Meditation technique to those interested

Course Fee and Accommodations:

  • Registration Fee: Depends on the location. Contact us for more information.
  • All locations will have affordable single or double rooms for you to choose (Reserve directly with hotel)
  • Food will be on your own, so that you can manage your own budget and dietary needs